The Middlesex Schools’ Football Association Cup Draws have today been published on

All the fixtures can be found on the MSFA Website, enabling schools to make arrangements for the early rounds, which should be played at the beginning of the Autumn Term.

To review the draw for a specific cup, please click on one of the links below:

U18 Brigg Cup
U18 Tye Cup
U18 2nd XI Cup
U17 Ambler Cup
U16 Boys Moncaster Cup
U16 Girls Jan Palmer Bowl

U15 Moncaster Cup
U14 Boys JS Lyle Cup
U14 Girls Stanley Lyle Bowl
U13 Boys President’s Cup
U13 Girls Jan Harding Trophy
U12 Kay Cup


The deadline dates for each round will be published within the new Handbook, which will be printed over the summer break.

The competition rules can be found online; if you have any questions about specific tournaments, please send us an email.