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First Round: To be played by 5th October 2019

1-1          Capital City Academy v The Compton School
Walkover to Capital City - The Compton scratched
1-9          Twyford CoE High School 2-1 JCoSS

All other schools receive byes

Second Round: To be played by 19th October 2019

2-1        Capital City Academy v Alexandra Park U14
2-2        Chace Community School v Gladesmore Community School
Walkover to Chace - Gladesmore scratched
2-3        Kingsbury High v MIll Hill County High School
Walkover to Mill Hill County - Kingsbury High scratched
2-4        Fortismere School 9-0 East Barnet School
2-5        Twyford CoE High School v Preston Manor School
Walkover to Twyford - Preston Manor scratched
2-6        Swakeleys Girls School 2-3 Nower Hill High School
2-7        Rivers Academy v JFS
Walkover to Rivers Academy - JFS scratched
2-8        Drayton Manor High School v Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Quarter-Final: To be played by 7th December 2019

3-1        2-1 Winner v Chace Community School
3-2        MIll Hill County High School v Fortismere School
3-3        Twyford CoE High School v Nower Hill High School
3-4        Rivers Academy v 2-8 Winner

Semi-Final: To be played by 18th January 2020

4-1        3-1 Winner v 3-2 Winner
4-2        3-3 Winner v 3-4 Winner