The Annual General Meeting of the Middlesex Schools’ FA took place on 24th June 2014 at the Middlesex FA Offices. A number of important decisions were made at the meeting, including the adoption of a new set of rules which the Executive Committee will use to manage the Association’s competitions.

Under the new rules, each District Schools’ FA will be required to nominate at least one representative to sit on the Executive Committee, failure to do so will result in that District – and the schools within it – being excluded from MSFA competitions.

The majority of the Officers of the Association were re-elected unopposed, while Jim Dees was elected to the Executive Committee as Primary Schools’ Secretary.

The meeting also confirmed that the Kay Cup for Year 7 pupils will move to a 9v9 format and that schools would be encouraged to adhere to The FA Guide to Pitch and Goalpost Dimensions where possible.