The Schools and Districts in membership of the Middlesex Schools’ FA will be asked to determine whether the planning for 2020-21 competitions should continue.

In October, affiliated Schools voted overwhelmingly to delay the start of the 2020-21 County Cups until after the Christmas break due to the ongoing global pandemic. At this week’s Annual General Meeting, this will be revisited, along with the proposal to start the shortened Inter-District Leagues in January.

The Management Committee notes that, although the number of cases is declining overall, all of the Boroughs within the County have an ‘R’ rate higher than 1, which means that COVID-19 is continuing to spread. Individual ‘R’ rates are shown in the table below:

An item has been added to the Annual General Meeting agenda concerning the 2020-21 competitions; if the membership decides their starting in January is not safe, it is likely they will be cancelled and entries rolled over until 2021-22.