The following players have been selected to represent the Middlesex Schools FA U15 Boys Squad for their forthcoming fixture against Surrey on Saturday 8th October.

Selected Squad:

Player Name School
Henry Atkinson
Freddie Ford
Kai Gourey
Adam Letlat
Everton Latrell Lewis
Ciaran Martin
Kai Morgan
Jordan Neaimi
Charlie Northrop
Hayden Opolot
Orlando Savvaris
Patryk Sykut
Krish Tailor
Leon Theodoropoulos
Samuel Okolie
Malakai Kpekawa
Bishop Ramsey
St Mary’s & St John’s
Saracens High
Isleworth & Syon
Finchley Catholic
Archer Academy
Finchley Catholic
St Mary’s & St John’s
Ashmole Academy
Wren Academy
Douay Martyns

Then, in addition, the following players have been selected as STANDBY players. In the event that any of the players listed above are unavailable, one or more of the STANDBY players may be called up to join the matchday squad, even at relatively short notice.

Standby Squad:

Player Name School
Robert Dylan
Zach Gregory
Ethan Kadim
Malachi Makouezi
Josiah Muhammad-Mathurin
Ashmole Academy
Bishop Ramsey
Ark Pioneer Academy
Bishop Ramsey