The Middlesex Schools’ Football Association has today accepted the withdrawal of all the Hillingdon teams from this season’s Inter-District Leagues, for non-footballing reasons.

We have all faced challenges since the MSFA competitions were last run, in 2019-20, but Hillingdon have been hit by something of a ‘perfect storm’ and the pandemic has seen them lose sponsorship, their home venue and volunteers. Faced with all of these challenges simultaneously, the HSFA has decided to take a step back in the short-term.

As an Association, MSFA is committed to working with all of our Districts to provide the best possible experience for all students. As such, we have committed to supporting HSFA over the next 12 months and we will seek to be a conduit between the existing HSFA Committee, the schools in the Borough and their local clubs. It is our hope that teams from Hillingdon will return to the competitions in 2021-22.

All of the fixtures involving Hillingdon teams have been deleted from Full-Time and, therefore, the MSFA Website as well.