A number of adjustments have had to be made to the League Tables in the Inter-District competitions following the matches of 20th January 2018.

Camden & Islington District SFA

After the U15 Star Shield match between Camden & Islington and Brent on 20th January 2018, which Camden & Islington won 5-2, it became apparent that Camden & Islington had fielded a substitute whose school was not, in fact, within their district. This was immediately reported to MSFA and while the Association accepts that no deliberate attempt was made to gain an advantage, the decision has been made to deduct three points from their total in accordance with Association Rule 2v.

Haringey District SFA

This association has entered teams in all of the Association’s Inter-District Leagues, but has forfeited the vast majority of its fixtures. Haringey’s U12 side has not fulfilled a single fixture, while the teams at U13, U14 and U15 have each played one match but failed to field teams in any of their other fixtures.

With this in mind, the Association has concluded that Haringey District SFA’s consistent concession of fixtures is unfair to the other districts who have taken part in these competitions. As such, the decision has been made to expunge the records of Haringey’s U12-U15 teams inclusive from the relevant League Tables and to cancel those fixtures that remain outstanding.

Haringey’s Under-11 team, which has fulfilled its most recent matches in the Batchelor Cup, shall continue in that competition and their future fixtures remain valid.