Well done to schools that have made it to the semi-final stages across our competitions. Please be aware that the team drawn at home must source an independent referee as per the handbook. When you have booked your referee, please advise Jonny Dubner by emailing jonny.dubner@msfa.co.uk with the name of the referee and the date and time of your semi final.

Unfortunately, due to GDPR, the Association does NOT have access to lists of referees registered with the local County FAs. Schools who need assistance with appointing a referee should contact their local Referees’ Society, details of which can be found at https://www.middlesexfa.com/referees/support—inc-u18-referees/referees-associations-and-societies and https://www.afalonsar.co.uk/.

This season’s semi-finals are as follows (outstanding quarter-final ties must be played as soon as possible, as the limit date was 27th January):

U18 1st XI Boys Brigg Cup
Ashmole Academy vs Christ’s College Finchley / Fortismere
Northolt High vs The Cardinal Vaughan / The Douay Martyrs

U18 1st XI Boys SE Tye Cup
Enfield Grammar vs Fortismere / Mill Hill School
Chiswick / Drayton Manor High vs Northolt High

U18 2nd XI Boys Cup
Alexandra Park vs Wren Academy Finchley / Fortismere
Oak Wood vs William Perkin CofE

U16 Boys Moncaster Cup
St. Ignatius College vs Enfield Grammar
Uxbridge High vs Nower Hill High / Cardinal Wiseman

U16 Girls Janet Palmer Bowl
The Compton vs Fortismere / JFS
Queen’s Park Community vs William Perkin / Bishop Ramsey

U15 Boys Blaxland Cup
Southgate / East Barnet vs Enfield Grammar
Twyford CofE vs William Perkin CofE

U15 Girls Rachel Yankey Cup
St. Thomas More RC / Fortismere vs Highlands / Wren Academy Enfield
Mill Hill / Haydon vs Elthorne Park

U14 Boys JS Lyle Cup
Finchley Catholic / Mill Hill County High vs St. Ignatius College / University College School
Chiswick vs Kingsbury High / Gunnersbury RC

U14 Girls Stanley Lyle Bowl
Wren Academy Enfield vs Highgate / Highlands
Twyford CofE / Chiswick vs Cardinal Wiseman

U13 Boys President’s Cup
Highgate vs St. Thomas More
Vyners / Elthorne Park vs Ruislip High / Bishop Ramsey

U13 Girls Jan Harding Trophy (11v11)
Highgate vs East Barnet
The Archer Academy / Bishop Ramsey vs Cardinal Wiseman

U13 Girls Bob Chandler Trophy (9v9)
The Latymer vs Winchmore
Chiswick vs The Douay Martyrs

U12 Boys Kay Cup
St. John’s Senior & Prep School / Highgate vs St. Ignatius College / Mill Hill County High
Bishop Ramsey vs Chiswick

U12 Girls Chris Ampofo Shield
Highgate vs East Barnet / Alexandra Park
Elthorne Park High vs Vyners / Oak Wood