In response to correspondence from a number of schools, coupled with the decision of one Local Authority within the County to prohibit inter-school sport for the time being, the Association decided to offer affiliated schools a vote on whether this season’s County Cups should proceed, as intended. The results of this vote are as follows:

  • 56.4% of respondents indicated that the competitions should not start yet, but a final decision as to whether or not to cancel the tournaments should be deferred until January
  • 28.1% of those who voted suggested the Cups should be cancelled now
  • 15.6% of voters were happy to start in November, as planned

In accordance with the wishes of the majority, the MSFA Cups are suspended and will not start after half term. The situation will be reassessed immediately after the Christmas break and if it is considered practical to play the Cups, a new playing schedule drawn up. However, if the London region remains in ‘Tier 2’ COVID restrictions, it is highly likely that the Cups will be cancelled.

This suspension applies only to the Association’s Inter-School competitions and not to other elements of its activities.