Notice is hereby given that the following players have been selected to represent the Middlesex Schools FA in an U14 Girls ESFA Inter-County Trophy fixture against Dorset. This match will take place at Christchurch FC, Burn Bridge Sports Club, Avon Causeway, Hurn, BH23 6DY. Kick off is 7:00 pm.

Selected Squad

Bowman, Amelie (JFS)
Pottle, Chloe (Haydon)
Beels, Ellie (East Barnet School)
Billet, Lois (Highgate)
Clarke, Lola (Wren Academy, Enfield)
Crawley, Lucy (Swakeley’s)
Deria, Waris (William Perkin High School)
Dwyer, Grace (Haydon)
Holbrook, Hettie (Totteridge Academy)
Huetson Varnava, Millie (Highlands)
Jackson, Matilda (Totteridge Academy)
Karaca Newman, Zuhal (Uxbridge High School)
Kikaj, Leona (Saracens High School)
McLoughlin, Holly (Ruislip High School)
Owen, Isabelle (Haydon)
Sheikh, Sofia (Greenford High School)

Then in addition, the following players have been selected as ‘standby’ players. Players on standby are likely to be called up if one or more of the selected squad becomes unavailable, even at relatively short notice:

Standby Squad

Caplan, Aliza (Archer Academy)
Ellwood, Bethany (Totteridge Academy)
Mower, Bow (Vyners School)
Luke, Connie (Totteridge Academy)
Garrish, Holly (Queensmead)
Saunders, Olivia (Wren Academy, Finchley)
Pender, Violet (Haydon)