Middlesex 8-1 Inner London

Saturday 9th February, SEESFA GE Knowles Cup

Middlesex went into this derby with aspirations to reach the knockout stage of the SEESFA competition, making this a ‘must win’ game. Coaches Michel Farrell and Kamal Romain challenged the squad; a challenge that was emphatically accepted.

Inner London started the match well but were frustrated by a mature defensive performance by Middlesex. Because Inner London had the bulk of possesion, they became vulnerable to counter attacks. Middlesex expolited this really well, with Brandon and Daniel always willing to run in behind the visiting defence. 

This theme was repeated throughout the match with Inner London unable to find an answer to Middlesex’s fast, penetrative passing and clinical finishing. The finishes were of a very high standard and Middlesex scored a variety of goals, including a clever chip over the goalkeeper by Daniel.

Overall it was a great performance and result that leaves the Seaxes optimistic ahead of their next match against Surrey SFA.

Squad: James Cawley, Shai Grandison Wooding, Joshua Johnson, Adam Kaffel, Damian O’Connor, Jibril Sharmarke, Luca Rosen, Miller Lewis, Omo Samuel Bio, Daniel Adu-Adje, 
Brandon, Dillon Williams, Alfie