Notice is hereby given that the following players have been selected to represent the Middlesex Schools FA U15 Boys squad in their forthcoming fixture against Sussex. This match will take place at:

Brunel University Sports Park, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 3PW. 

Kick off: 11:00 am

Selected Squad:

Player Name School
Henry Atkinson
Hayden Opolot
Everton Latrell Lewis
Adam Letlat
Leon Theodoropoulous
Freddie Ford
Dylan Robert
Malakai Kpekawa
Jordan Naemi
Aiden Tarrant
Malachi Makouezi
Jasiah Muhammad-Mathurin
Charlie Northrop
Kai Gourney
Archer Academy
Saracens High
St Mary’s & St John’s
Ashole Academy
Bishop Ramsey
Douay Martyns
Bishop Ramsey
Ark Pioneer
Bishop Ramsey