Notice is hereby given that the following players have been selected to represent the Middlesex Schools FA U14 Boys squad in their forthcoming fixture against Inner London. This match will take place at:

Douglas Eyre Sports Ground, Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow, E17 7HE: Kick off at 10.45 am

Selected Squad:

Player Name School
Max Lenton
Theo Grant
Lucas Paul
Caleb Wright
Tikras Saraiva
Luke Atkinson
Itai Liechenstein
Da’Jarne Martin-Grant
Stefan James
Joseph Giorgio
Jaiden Lee
Arinze Ikegwuonu
Theo Chalarambous
Max Allen-Xerueb
Jaik Ralhan
Charlie Webb
Finchley Catholic
Preston Manor
Alexander Park
The Totteridge Academy
Queens Park
Preston Manor
Southgate School
The Totteridge Academy
Alexander Park
St Andrew the Apostle
East Barnet
East Barnet
The Totteridge Academy

Then, in addition, the following players have been selected as STANDBY players. In the event that any of the players listed above are unavailable, one or more of the STANDBY players may be called up to join the matchday squad, even at relatively short notice.

Standby Squad:

Player Name School
Willian Sutton-Ban
Oliver Edwards
Harley Joseph
Elthorne Park