If you are a registered match official interested in becoming part of the Middlesex Schools’ FA’s Referee Panel, please complete the form below.

You do not need to be registered with Middlesex FA in order to become part of our Panel; we appreciate that – depending on their schedules – officials from neighbouring Counties such as Berks & Bucks, London, Hertfordshire and Surrey may also be interested in taking games within our catchment area and we welcome all referees who have the relevant DBS and Safeguarding qualifications.

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Please indicate your refereeing level, as determined by your parent County FA
MSFA will process your data in accordance with GDPR. We will check with the English Schools' FA and / or your parent County FA that the information submitted on this form is accurate. Completing this form doesn't ensure you'll be added to the panel, nor does it mean you will definitely be appointed to matches. Once your registration has been accepted, your contact information will be included within a Referees' Directory which will be shared with affiliated schools and District Representative Teams so they can make appoinments.