First Round
Highgate Priory 0-1 Our Lady of Muswell RC
Pinner Park 0-1 Dollis Junior
Barham Primary 1-3 Byron Court
Rhodes Avenue 2-2 Malorees Junior (aet – Malorees win 1-0 on penalties)

Second Round
St Joseph’s Primary 2-3 Martin Primary  
Gifford Primary 2-0 Wood End Academy
Hounslow Heath v The Rosary Catholic  
both schools removed from the competition for failing to comply with competition rules 
Roxeth Primary 3-4 Marlborough Primary
Our Lady of Muswell v West Lodge
match awarded to West Lodge, Our Lady of Muswell failed to comply with competition rules
Dollis Junior 3-4 Byron Court
Hayes Park 1-5 Breakspear Primary
St Francis De Sales 7-3 Malorees Junior

Quarter Final
Martin Primary v Gifford Primary
Walkover for Martin Primary – Gifford Primary scratched
Marlborough Primary – bye
West Lodge 2-3 Byron Court
Breakspear Primary 7-3 St Francis De Sales

Semi Final 
Martin Primary 3-3 Marlborough Primary
after extra time – Martin Primary won 3-1 on penalties
Byron Court 0-1 Breakspear Primary

Martin Primary 1-1 Breakspear Primary
after extra time – Breakspear Primary won 3-2 on penalties