Competition Organiser: Wayne Walsh, Drayton Manor School. 

First Round – to be played by 22nd October 2016

Alec Reed Academy 0 v 2 St Dominic’s College
St Thomas More 5 v 3 Preston Manor
Greig City Academy W/O v Aylward Academy
Cardinal Wiseman w/o v Jewish Free School
Finchley High School w/o v The Compton School
The Compton School scratched
Drayton Manor School 2 v 4 St Ignatius College

Second Round – to be played by 10th December 2016

1. St Dominic’s College 5 v 4 St Thomas More
2. Greig City Academy 3  v  1 Cardinal Wiseman
3. Finchley High School w/o v  St James’ High School
St James’ High School  scratched
4. St Ignatius College 4 v 0 The John Lyon School

Semi-Final – to be played by 25th February 2017

5. St Dominic’s College 1 v 1 (3-4pens) Greig City Academy 
6. Finchley High School 2 v 5 St Ignatius College



St Ignatius College v Greig City Academy New River Leisure Centre (WHL) – Wednesday 19th April 2017