First Round 
Christ’s College 4-0 Alexandra Park
Preston Manor v JFS
JFS advance on the toss of a coin
John Lyon 4-1 St Ignatius
Capital City v Heathland
Walkover to Heathland – Capital City scratched
Highlands 1-3 St James
Mill Hill 0-2 Latymer
Enfield 1-6 St Thomas More
East Barnet 1-3 Twyford
Alec Reed Academy 3-1 Fortismere
Kingsbury 1-2 Barnet & Southgate
Highgate Wood v St Dominic’s
St Dominic’s advance on the toss of a coin
Uxbridge College 2-0 Vyners
Queensmead 0-2 Greig City
Finchley 2-5 Harefield
Highgate 9-3 Douay Martyrs
Drayton Manor – bye

Second Round 
Christ’s College 1-3 JFS
John Lyon v Heathland
Walkover to John Lyon – Heathland scratched
St James v Latymer
Walkover to Latymer – St James scratched
St Thomas More v Twyford
Twyford avance on the toss of a coin
Alec Reed Academy 3-2 Barnet & Southgate
St Dominic’s 4-1 Uxbridge College
Greig City v Harefield Academy
Walkover to Greig City – Harefield Academy scratched
Highgate 1-4 Drayton Manor 

JFS 0-6 John Lyon
Latymer 2-4 Twyford
Alec Reed Academy 1-0 St Dominic’s
Greig City 2-3 Drayton Manor

John Lyon 0 2 Twyford
Alec Reed Academy 2 3
Drayton Manor 


Twyford 1 0 Drayton Manor