Competition Organiser: Gareth Coates, Middlesex Schools’ FA

ALL matches in this competition should be played as 9v9 matches on an appropriately sized pitch, in accordance with Competition Rules 7 and 9.

First Round – ties to be played no later than 21st December 2023

1-1: Wren Academy Finchley 10-0 Avanti House Secondary
1-2: Claremont High 0-5 The Latymer
1-5: Chiswick 3-0 Vyners
1-7: Haydon 1-3 The Douay Martyrs

Quarter-Final – ties to be played no later than 27th January 2024

2-1: Wren Academy Finchley 0-6 The Latymer (at The Latymer)
2-2: Winchmore 4-2 Mill Hill County High (at Mill Hill)
2-3: Chiswick vs Bishopshalt
Walkover to Chiswick – Bishopshalt scratched
2-4: The Douay Martyrs vs The Heathland
Walkover to The Douay Martyrs – The Heathland scratched

Semi-Final – ties to be played no later than 29th February 2024

3-1: The Latymer 3-0 Winchmore
3-2: Chiswick 10-0 The Douay Martyrs (at The Douay Martyrs)

Final – Monday 18th March 2024 at Rectory Park

4-1: The Latymer 3-2 Chiswick