Website Downtime

The Middlesex Schools' FA would like to apologise for the recent period where the Association website was not available. This was caused by a technical error on the part of our domain registrar, which meant that our domain name ( was not being correctly pointed to the server where the website itself is stored.

This issue has now been resolved, partly by moving the domain name to a different registrar. We hope to make further improvements to the website's infrastructure during the closed season which are intended to make the site faster and prevent any downtime in the future. 

Enfield District SFA: Bower Cup

The Enfield District Schools' FA has informed Middlesex Schools' FA that it wishes to withdraw its Under-14 Representative Team from this season's Bower Cup competition.

The Association has accepted the Enfield SFA's withdrawal and has expunged the results achieved by their Under-14 team in the competition, in accordance with MSFA Rules.

The revised Bower Cup table can be viewed by clicking here. 

SE Tye Cup - Finchley Catholic High School v Alec Reed Academy

The U18 SE Tye Cup between Finchley Catholic High School and Alec Reed Academy on Monday 14th November was abandoned by the match referee with Alec Reed Academy leading 3-1. The cause of the abandonment was a series of incidents which each constituted serious misconduct by the players involved.

While both schools have responded to the issues which occured during the match in prompt and appropriate fashion, Middlesex Schools' FA is determined to take a strong stance when matches are abandoned due to violent conduct. With this in mind, the Management Committee has taken the decision to remove both schools from the competition.

In addition, the players reported by the match referee for violent conduct will be dealt with by the English Schools' FA, in accordance with the standard disciplinary procedures.