a. Standard Cases involving players, such as cautions, dismissals and misconduct

i. The referee appointed to each fixture shall report all standard disciplinary matters to the English Schools' Football Association immediately after the match in which the offences occurred. ESFA shall deal with them in the manner prescribed by The Football Association. 
ii. Schools and / or Districts shall comply at all time with instructions and sanctions issued by ESFA, including any suspensions handed down.
b. Abandoned Matches
In the event of a match in any MSFA Competition being abandoned due to misconduct, the referee shall also forward their report to the relevant Competition Secretary; the matter shall then be dealt with either by the full Management Committee or an Emergency Committee appointed for the purpose. If asked for their written observations, a School / District shall provide them within 7 days. In the event that the relevant Committee finds that one or both teams was at fault and caused the match to be abandonded, then they shall have discretion to remove the team(s) at fault from the competition or impose another sanction if they see fit.
c. Correspondence: 
All correspondence will normally be in writing or by e-mail.
d. Protests & Eligibility
  i. All protests in respect of Competition Matches must be referred to the General Secretary in writing within three days of the date of the match. E-mail is an acceptable medium for lodging protests; text messaging is not.
  ii. All questions of eligibility, qualifications of competitors, or of the interpretations of the rules, herein contained or referred to shall be referred to the Management Committee but no objection relative to the ground, goalposts, or bars, or other appurtenances of the game, shall be entertained by the Council, unless a protest is made in writing before the commencement of the match.
e. Appeals
Any School or District who wishes to appeal against a decision made by the Management Committee may do so, by writing to the General Secretary of the Association and the Discipline Department of ESFA within 14 days of receipt of the decision. When lodging an appeal, the School or District should set out their reasons for contesting the decision and supply any additional evidence they wish to have taken into account. Any appeal shall then be considered by ESFA using their standard rules and procedures; their decision shall be final and binding on all parties. 


The Management Committee shall have discretion to rule on any matter not specifically covered by these rules and their decision shall be final.


By applying for membership of the Association each season, Districts and Schools agree to be bound by these rules.