a.     Preamble:

                                          i.    Disciplinary matters can be very time consuming. MSFA is not a professional organisation. Committee members work voluntarily and are unpaid. Time is limited. Therefore disciplinary procedures must be able to be implemented by the Disciplinary Committee (DC) quickly and without undue fuss, fairness not withstanding.The implementation and effectiveness of the following procedures and punishments rely heavily on the integrity of staff. It remains the duty of the school to inform players of their punishment and to comply with it.

b.    Cautions:

                                          i.    A  First Caution carries no automatic punishment.

                                         ii.    Cautions will be recorded by the Disciplinary Committee.

                                        iii.    Confirmation of cautions will be sent to the schools concerned.

                                        iv.    Appeals will not be accepted other than formistaken identity.   

                                         v.    Subsequent cautions will be dealt with as above but in addition the Disciplinary       Committee may impose a punishment at itsdiscretion.

c.     Dismissals

                                          i.    Dismissals will incur a suspensionbased on the guidelines published in the Association Handbook.

                                         ii.    This suspension becomes active as soon as it is dispatched by the Disciplinary Committee.

                                        iii.    Any suspension already imposed by the player’s school may be deducted from the total suspension providing the school informs the Disciplinary Committee immediately on receipt of the suspension.

                                        iv.    Appeals will not be accepted other than for mistaken identity.

                                         v.    Confirmation of dismissals will be sent to the schools concerned.

                                        vi.    Subsequent dismissals will be dealt with as above but the Disciplinary Committee may also impose further action/punishment at its discretion.

d.    Schools giving concern:

                                          i.    The Disciplinary Committee may take action attheir discretion on schools with a poor record ofplayer discipline. e.g. an accumulation of dismissals.

e.     Complaints re Team / Player / Staff i/c / Spectator:

                                          i.    The Disciplinary Committee will request a response from the school concerned re the allegations.

                                         ii.    Any reply must be received within 3 days of a request being sent.

                                        iii.    The Disciplinary Committee will deal with the matter at its discretion.

                                        iv.    An appeal against any action the Disciplinary Committee may impose can be made by the school concerned.

                                         v.    Once the Disciplinary Committee has made a judgement on an appeal, no further appeal will be considered.

f.     Appeals:

                                          i.    Appeals must be made within 3 days of “Notices of Action” being dispatched by the Disciplinary Committee.

                                         ii.    Failed appeals may incur a penalty / further penalty at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee.

g.    Correspondence:

                                          i.    All correspondence will normally be in writing orby e-mail.

h.     Protests & Eligibility

                                          i.    All protests must be referred to the Honorary Disciplinary Secretary within three days of the date of the match.

                                         ii.     All questions of eligibility, qualifications of competitors, or of the interpretations of the rules, herein contained or referred to shall be referred to the Executive Committee: but no objection relative to the ground, goalposts, or bars, or other appurtenances of the game, shall be entertained by the Council, unless a protest is made in writing before the commencement of the match.


a.     The Management Committee shall have discretion to rule on any matter not specifically covered by these rules and their decision shall be final.



By applying for membership of the Association each season, Districts and Schools agree to be bound by these rules