a.     Organisation of Competitions:

                                          i.    The following competitions shall be offered to affiliated Districts whose players are under the prescribed age at midnight between 31st August and 1st September in the year of competition:

·         Don Palmer Cup – Under-18 boys;

·         Star Shield – Under-15 boys;

·         A G Bower Cup – Under-14 boys;

·         Compton Cup – Under-13 boys;

·         Watkin Cup – Under-12 boys;

·         Batchelor Cup – Over-10 and Under-11 students;

·         Primary Small-Sided Cup – Over-10 and Under-11 students, Individual Schools by Association nomination;

·         Primary Inter-Association Small-Sided Competition – Over-10 and Under-11;

·         Ossie Williams Cup – Under-11 students mini-soccer competition, Individual Schools by Association nomination.

                                         ii.    The Management Committee shall have discretion to merge or suspend one or more competitions if there are insufficient entries to run a viable tournament.

b.    Arrangement of Matches

                                          i.    Where a fixture list has been prepared which is intended to cover the whole season, then the dates of matches as set by the Competition Secretary must be adhered to, in accordance with the provisions of Association Rule 2f.

                                         ii.    Districts shall be free to bring matches forward in order to avoid clashes with ESFA Competitions, Inter-County matches or similar fixtures, but shall not be permitted to postpone matches without good reason.