a.     Organisation of Competitions:

                                          i.    The following competitions shall be offered to individual affiliated schools whose players are under the prescribed age at midnight between 31st August and 1st September in the year of competition:

·         Tye Cup – Over-15 and Under-18 boys;

·         Brigg Cup – Under-18 boys, only for schools who have not entered the 1st XI League;

·         1st XI League Shield – Under-18 boys;

·         2nd XI League Shield and Cup – Over-15 and Under-18 boys;

·         G O Ambler Cup – Over-15 and Under-17 boys;

·         Moncaster Cup – Over-15 and Under-16 boys;

·         Blaxland Cup – Over-14 and Under-15 boys;

·         J S Lyle Cup – Over-13 and Under-14 boys;

·         Presidents Cup – Over-12 and Under-13 boys;

·         Kay Cup – Over-11 and Under-12 boys;

·         Alf Gant Cup – Over-10 and Under-11 students;

·         Janet Palmer Bowl – Over-14 and Under-16 girls;

·         Stanley Lyle Bowl – Over-12 and Under-14 girls.

·         Jan Harding Trophy – Over-11 and Under-13 girls.

                                         ii.    The Management Committee shall have discretion to merge or suspend one or more competitions if there are insufficient entries to run a viable tournament.

                                        iii.    Each Competition shall be run in a format as determined by the Management Committee.

b.    Conditions of Entry:

                                          i.    In order to enter one or more of the Association’s Inter-School competitions, each school shall notify the Association by the approved method and pay the relevant entry fee for each competition, as set by the Management Committee.

                                         ii.    Schools may not enter more than one team into any competition and the team that plays in one competition may not additionally play in another. For example, it would not be permissible for a team playing in a 1st XI Cup competition, to play in the 2nd XI League, or vice versa. While the movement of players between XIs is permitted, the basic core of a team should remain consistent wherever possible.  

c.     Qualification of players:

                                          i.    Only students who are bona fide scholars, receiving full-time education, and on the roll of an affiliated school, shall be allowed to take part in competitions. Players shall normally become ineligible, immediately on leaving school or commencing full-time employment, but a student in attendance at the close of Easter Term shall nevertheless be eligible to play in competitions until the end of the season. A student on roll of a primary school shall only be eligible for the Batchelor and Primary Cup competitions.

d.    Conditions of Play:

                                          i.    In all competition matches being played on aknockout basis, extra time of ten minutes each way shall be played in the event of a draw at full-time, except in the Batchelor and Primary Cup competitions, where five minutes each way shall be played in these circumstances. In the event of a draw after extra time, a penalty competition shall decide the winner. Penalty competitions shall be conducted in accordance with the Laws of Association Football.

e.     Arrangements for Finals

                                          i.    All Cup and Play Off Final Matches shall be arranged jointly by the two Schools, who shall agree between them the date, kick-off and venue for the match. All costs, including venue hire, match officials and refreshments are to be shared equally between the competing Schools.

                                         ii.    Both Schools shall notify the relevant Competition Secretary of the agreed arrangements not less than 21 days in advance of the match.

                                        iii.    The Association shall appoint the officials for the match, who shall be entitled to receive a Match Fee plus a medal.

                                        iv.    The Association shall additionally provide 16 medals for each competing team.