a.     The name of this Association shall be “The Middlesex Schools’ Football Association” (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”)

b.    The purpose of the Association shall be to develop and promote football within the County of Middlesex. Those Boroughs and/or Districts which are geographically within Middlesex, but fall within other Counties for the purposes of Local Government, may affiliate to that County’s Schools Football Association as determined by the English Schools’ Football Association (hereinafter referred to as “ESFA”).

c.     The Association shall affiliate to ESFA and to the South-East England Schools’ Football Association and may organise teams to participate in competitions organised by those bodies.

d.    Each Borough or District must form a body that shall take responsibility for managing Schools’ Football within that area. This body shall pay an annual subscription to the Association as determined by the Management Committee and shall elect a minimum of one representative to the Management Committee.

                                          i.    District Schools’ Football Associations, or other nominated organisations fulfilling the function of a District Schools’ FA, (hereinafter referred to as a “District”) who fail to elect a representative to the Management Committee, or who fail to pay their Annual Subscription, shall be excluded from the business and competitions of the Association until the provisions of this rule are met.

                                         ii.    Should a District be in default of Rule 1c(i) as specified above, all of the Schools in membership of that body shall also be excluded from participating in the Association’s competitions until such time as the provisions of the rule are met.

                                        iii.    Each District Schools’ FA or other nominated body shall manage inter-school and other competitions within their local area and shall nominate to the Association the School(s) representing them in competitions organised by ESFA where there are qualifying competitions.

                                        iv.    Each District may also organise Representative Teams to represent them in such competitions as may be organised from time-to-time by the Association.

e.     A School wishing to participate in the business and/or competitions of the Association shall pay such affiliation and entry fees as may be set from time to time by the Management Committee; they should also ensure they adhere to the requirements of Association Rule 2.

f.     Schools may also nominate representatives to serve on the Management Committee.


g.    Correspondence between the Association and its members will usually be between the Management Committee and one or two specific members of staff per school. It is expected that this correspondence will be carried out in a cordial, professional and respectful manner. In the event of a dispute between the Association and a member School, all reasonable efforts should be made to resolve the matter privately. Any correspondence sent by an individual which may be considered to bring the Association into disrepute should be reported to the Chairman, who shall deal with it in accordance with rule 5e.